May 19, 2010

Pixelube Works with Seattle Company thePlatform to Modernize the Existing Logo and Brand Design


With website design coming in an easy second, logo design is my favorite. For as many logos as I’ve created, regardless of the many years and experience, I always find myself chalk full of anxiety at the outset of a brand project. There was no exception when the folks at thePlaform approached Pixelube to update the company logo. For me, it may in fact be a bit more intimidating to modify a logo rather then starting from scratch. Why you say? There are a variety of reasons, namely:

1. thePlatform brand has equity in the market-place therefore we need to try and maintain some of the key brand traits.

2. There are a limited number of design assets to work with in the original logo so we have to use what’s already been created as a baseline

3. We needed to create a mark that was flexible enough so that it could work with some of the exiting family of graphics

thePlatform Logos From old to New

Initially, my gut told me to create something flat, in fact, I found myself pushing back on the client when the main request was to make it 3 dimensional. It, of course, is part of our job to listen to the client so for the first couple reviews, we mixed flat options in with logo treatments that were a bit more 3 dimensional. I quickly came to realize that the client wasn’t going to budge. The flat versions just were not going to work.

Of the many, many roughs that didn’t actually make the cut, we ended up presenting about 25 logos before we actually honed in on something that the client was happy with. From there we tweaked, re-worked and modified the various fonts, shapes and color to come up with the final brand.

thePlatform Print Collateral

I’ve found that we always get the best results when we’re really able to collaborate with the client. Sure there are times when one feels like x,y or z may not be the best choice a client could make but more often then not, if you listen and use your creative energy to satisfy both the client and yourself, you’re probably going to come up with a great mark that everyone can be proud of.

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