Jan 05, 2011

Xtranormal is Gaining Momentum – Design Your Video!


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I heard about Xtranormal via NPR on the way to work this morning. Initially I thought it was the first I’d heard of them but as the story progressed I realized I’d actually seen an Xtranormal video before I knew who Xranormal was. You’ve probably seen one as well – does Geico (the insurance company) ring a bell? If you happen to remember that really odd, animated, commercial with the robotic voices that’s purposely made to look cheap, then yes, you too have seen an Xtranormal video.

Xtranormal just recently hit the 2 million monthly user mark. The company’s slogan is “If you can type, you can make movies,” and the do-it-yourself computer-generated animations it makes possible.

Enough said, I decided to give it a shot and create my own Pixelube commercial. I’m impressed; the UI is designed nicely, it was super simple to create and the deadpan voices make it kind of funny. You should give it a shot!

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