Feb 10, 2011

ROI Tools that Actually Look Good—A Challenging Website Design


ROI Tool Website Design - Korrio's Cost Savings Calculator
A few months ago our friends at Korrio (and a great client), commissioned us to create an ROI tool that demonstrates the cost-benefits of using their product. It had to speak to a no-techie audience, be simple yet effective and give the user multiple options for sharing the resulting information.

I don’t know about you but when I think about “Return on Investment” tools I think about dry, left-brained analytics tools – no fun for us right-brianers right? As I started doing research I came a across a beautiful ROI project by Google, appropriately called, “Gone Google”. Inspired by what they had created, as well as a few others, we dove right into design.

Yes this project was a bit of a challenge but fortunately the client let us get creative with it and we like that! In terms of coding, fortunately those genius Korrio developers were able to connect the final dots and launch what I think is a really well-rounded web design project. The resulting PDF might be the most impressive part so be sure to take a look.

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