Mar 14, 2012

From Logo Design to Websites to Fine Art, Watch the Series of “One Minute Wonders” and Get Your Jolt of Inspiration


One Minute Wonders is a series of portrait videos of various artists, rock-star designers, entrepreneurs and industry archetypes telling their one-minute stories. From fashion to user experience design to architecture and even “mobile augmented reality”, the videos are insightful, motivating and beautifully produced.

Start by watching the fist video of the series below or visit the One Minute Wonders Vimeo channel here…

OneMinuteWonder 01 from Present Plus on Vimeo.

Frank Tjepkema grew up in Geneva, Brussels and New-York. Founded Tjep design in 2001 and since then has been designing, creating and curating everywhere from Mexico to Malaysia. This is Tjep.

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