Oct 02, 2013

Google Web Designer, A HTML5, Web Ads and 3D Editor – We Will See!


As a designer who’s been building sites for upwards of 18 years I have yet to see a full-on WYSIWYG editor that actually works across all browsers and doesn’t spit out tons of extraneous code. I plan do give the beta a test drive over the weekend. It would be fantastic to have a full on WYSIYG editor that works!

Based on Fredric Lardinois’ article posted via TechCrunch on Monday it sounds as if Google Web Designer will cater mostly to advertisers looking to create HTML 5 ads but the article goes on to say “While this ad pedigree shines through across Web Designer (the default layouts are for DoubleClick rich media ads and AdMob mobile ads, for example), there is nothing in the tool that would prevent you from building interactive single-page sites and animations for other purposes, as well. Some of the features, however, are currently only available for ads, though Google says it plans to expand these tools for other purposes in the future.”

Give it a spin!

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