Feb 19, 2014

5 Great Articles & Resources for CSS / HTML5 Animation

5 Great Articles & Resources for CSS / HTML5 Animation

We’ve all seen them, blinking, flipping, strobbie animations all buying for our attention. I’m just like most of you, I ignore them and in most instances annoyed by them, oh and “god forbid they also pipe in sound!”.

As designers we’re obsessed with the details. We’re always striving for an optimal user experience. If done well, animations can play big roll in good UX. Most of the time it’s the subtle nuances of animation that can really push your design into bigger and better things. I’ve gathered a quick list of great resources that should get you started. The first two are articles from A List Apart and Medium. They are fantastic and well worth the read. The additional resources are a hodgepodge of great examples and code snippets. Enjoy:

A List Appart:UI Animation and UX: A Not-So-Secret Friendship
by Val Head

Medium: Transitional Interfaces
by Pasquale D’Silva

Codrops: Tutorials – Multiple Animation Examples and Techniques

Codepen: Code Snippets/Examples – This place has an array of bullet-proof code examples

Can I Use: Reference Page for various browser Compatibilities

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