May 13, 2014

Top Tips for Fantastic User Experience

Top Tips for Fantastic User Experience

Great user experience (also known as “UX”), honestly cannot be summed up in a simple blog post– it’s just too complex – but what I can do is outline some of the core aspects that make for a fantastic user experience.

• All the gadgets and gizmos (read: plugins and extra features) in the world cannot replace a site that’s easy to navigate. People are coming to your website to find information, products, or services. If they can’t find the information they are looking for, your user experience is failing. The first priority for sound user experience = accessibility. Whatever it is your clients/customers may be seeking – be it product shopping, browsing your services, or educating themselves – that priority should be the easiest thing to find and access on your website.

• Don’t scare away your user base. Many contemporary sites have fancy “bells & whistles” that may function in a non-conventional way. Some users may find them frustrating. It’s great to keep things interesting! However, you don’t want these features to scare anyone away from your website (and thus, your business). Keep your website simple and remember that form just about always follows function.

• Remember that the product or business is more important than the beauty of your website. If your service or product – the big idea behind your business – is not clearly articulate to your customers or clients, the best user interface in the world won’t help. Communication, good design and intuitive navigation should all work harmoniously across your site. It is what’s key to achieve a successful user experience.

Of course, this only scratches the surface of elements that make for a fantastic user experience, but I hope it provides at least a little window. At Pixelube, we continue to learn, work and hone our skills. As the web evolves we continuously strive to create great user experiences. Hit us up if you’d like some help!

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