Jul 16, 2014

Beautiful Logo Design—Volume 8 of Logolounge

Beautiful Logo Design—Volume 8 of Logolounge

I’ve mentioned it before; #logo #design is our first love. That’s why we were thrilled when we heard that our very own Pixelube logo was chosen as one of then entries in the latest edition of LogoLounge. Haven’t heard of LogoLounge? If not you should take a look. It’s not only a great place for inspiration, it’s the perfect source to see what’s trending and what other designers are doing in the industry.

Logo Roughs

Pixelube Logo Roughs

Various Brand Elements

I’ve been tweaking Pixelube’s brand elements over the last 15 years. Have you ever designed a logo for yourself? I have to tell you, it’s a challenge, especially if you’re a freak about the details and you want everything absolutely perfect. Not to mention, you have to own it… With that said I’ve posted a few logo roughs along with a few of the current brand elements. Enjoy.

Pixelube Brand Elements

Pixelube Brand Elements 2

“LogoLounge 8 is judged by an international panel of identity designers including Mikey Burton, Quique Ollervides, Katie Kirk, Fraser Davidson, Debbie Millman, Ty Mattson, Mike Abbink, and Simon Frouws. Of the more than 35,000 logos submitted, 2,000 were selected to be featured in the 8th edition of this bestselling series. This inspiring collection provides a wealth of insight for graphic designers and their clients.”

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