Jul 10, 2014

How Google is Creating Brand and User Experience Cohesion–Get Inspired


“At Google we say, ‘Focus on the user and all else will follow.’ ”

There is no denying, Google is monolithic and ever-present. At the outset it was clear that cutting out the clutter and sticking to minimalistic user experience was the beat of their drum–function trumped form. It’s hard to deny the variety of websites, mobile apps and operating systems have felt somewhat disconnected and a bit more dev-centric.

At the same time Google’s design sensibilities have certainly evolved and if you take a look at Google’s design site it’s abundantly clear why. Watch the “Material Design Reel” or browse the Google Guidelines it’s all beautiful stuff and works as a shiny beacon for how to set one’s sites on creating great brand experience.

Google Material Design

Don’t forget, we love Google. They have done so much for innovation!

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