Oct 16, 2014

A Jaw-Dropping Example of a Brand, Logo & Identity System

A Jaw-Dropping Example of a Brand, Logo & Identity System

When it comes to work, logo design is my first love. In the many years that I’ve been doing this I’ve found that one of my biggest hurdles can be getting a client to understand the importance of a cohesive brand system.

Talking to a client about how a company’s collateral, product, etc., can be derived from the look and feel of a good logo is pretty abstract. In many ways the client has to take a leap-faith. It’s not easy to create a comprehensive identity system; in fact, there are not many companies that do it well. When it’s done right though it’s a beautiful thing. These these guys have nailed it.

Blloon Brand and App Deisgn

Designed by Berlin-based Eden Spiekermann, the firm has created a new and shiny example of a brand system that is jaw-dropping. They recently launched “Blloon”, a new ebook service application for mobile devices. From concept to logo to the t-shirts to the tote bag and of course to the application, this brand is gorgeous.
Blloon Brand

Once the discovery phase was complete, we set about defining the three brand pillars: Easy (removing the barriers between people and stories), Honest (subscribe to great stories, not fine print) and, most importantly, Magical. We boiled this down into a single brand core statement: “Blloon is my smart escape to all the great stories”.

Blloon Brand

I came across the Blloon brand via the Brand New site. There you’ll find an in-depth study of the identity system. Oh and let’s not forget the Eden Spiekermann site where you’ll find a full Blloon project page.

Blloon Mobile App Deisgn

Interested in seeing a few more great identity system examples? Give these a shot:

Please feel free to hit me up if you’re looking to elevate your existing brand or create a new!

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