Nov 13, 2014

Unified Web and Mobile UX Design with Google Materials

Unified Web and Mobile UX Design with Google Materials

Yes, I may be a bit late to the party but if you’ve not heard of Google Materials, you should take a look. I touched on this in a post back in July but I don’t believe “Materials” was fully fleshed out at that time? Either way, it’s inspiring to see how much Google’s escalated focus its on design. Leveraging classic design principles, Google Materials is an inspiring guide for creating a cohesive design experience across all platforms and devices sizes. Of course after digging a bit deeper, it definitely leans toward establishing great and familiar design patterns on its Android devices.

A material metaphor is the unifying theory of a rationalized space and a system of motion. The material is grounded in tactile reality, inspired by the study of paper and ink, yet technologically advanced and open to imagination and magic.

The guide is gorgeous and inspiring. If you’re at all interested in UI & UX design for Android devices, you should definitely give this s spin.

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