Jan 09, 2015

Epic Fails and Wins in 2014 Logo / Identity Design

Epic Fails and Wins in 2014 Logo / Identity Design

Fast company recently posted a great list of what they’ve interpreted to be some of the more prominent success and fail stories regarding brand and logo design in 2014. It’s a good list along with some great stories. Although I agree with much of what they’ve found to be the best and worst here’s my input:

  • The new MIT Media Lab brand is gorgeous but I wonder why they found it necessary to reinvent the brand? The previous version was just as beautiful
  • I LOVE the juxtopostion of old and new in the New York Times “Play” mark.
  • I still stand by the Airbnb, logo. I think it’s sharp and the fact that it looks similar to another logo was, hopefully an honest mistake. We have to remember, if it’s kept simple, “it’s been done before”, and if it’s good, inevitably the classics are going to be repeated.
  • Read the full article on the Betaworks logo. It’s interesting hearing the client’s perspective and the resulting outcome.


All good stuff! Happy Friday!!

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