Mar 06, 2015

It Takes a Great Designer to Tap Into Each Identity of the 2015 Oscar Nominees


I’m not a big Oscar enthusiast but as a designer I was smitten by each of the video sequences that coincided with each of this year’s Oscar nominees. What an astounding amount of work. I know, I may be a little late to the party but I had to post something about the designer responsible of each of the sequences. That designer is Henry Hobson. He’s worked on the last 7 Oscars and is obviously a super talent…

Last year for the Best Picture animated sequence, I even managed to get away with a Wolf of Wall Street poster made out of cocaine. Maybe I shouldn’t emphasize that just in case the bosses didn’t notice

Along with a few more videos of Hobson’s work, the folks at Slate posted a great interview with the designer. It’s a great read.

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