Jul 16, 2015

Make It Mobile: 3 Mobile Branding Must-Haves

Make It Mobile: 3 Mobile Branding Must-Haves

With a majority of our daily interactions now made on mobile devices, companies and marketers have and are swiftly adapting their digital strategies into the space. By now many of your have heard of the mobile-first strategy. Some say it’s the best strategy but jumping to that conclusion is naive. A company’s mobile strategy should be audience dependent.

For many, our phones have become the de-facto platform for conducting business, making purchases and everything else under the sun. There’s much to consider when devising a mobile strategy. This is just the tip of the iceberg but Here are three things to consider when expanding your mobile brand:

  • Is your website mobile-friendly? If not, it will no longer show up in Google’s mobile search results. It’s one of the most notable recent changes in search engine optimization strategies. Websites with strong mobile functionality will fare much better on the digital map. Make sure your website makes the cut using Google’s mobile-friendly test. Responsive websites that adapt to a given screen-size (big and small) make for a much better user experience. It enhances customer engagement and has a direct impact on your brand.
  • Do we really need a mobile app? A business shouldn’t have an app just to have an app. An app, if needed, should be a piece of your brand’s overall marketing strategy. The point of an app is to provide something special, something your website can’t do, something users can access from their pockets throughout their day. If your website delivers all of the necessary tools and information your customers need, an app, most-likely isn’t necessary. If an app can bring something unique to your mobile user experience great—keep the visuals true to your brand’s digital.
  • Expand your reach. Once your website is mobile-friendly, extend your brand to reach users on their favorite mobile apps. There are an array of ways businesses can engage with its audience via the mobile space through apps like Instagram, Foursquare, Snapchat and Periscope. Your brand should be wherever your customers are—on their phones.


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