Aug 27, 2015

Mobile Brand Experience—A Pre and Post-Launch Punch List

Mobile Brand Experience—A Pre and Post-Launch Punch List

Browsing through the App Store is like grocery shopping—the amount of options can be daunting. In such a saturated market your app’s name, logo, icon, and website are just the foundation. The work is far from over once you’ve launched. TechCrunch cites the “Shark Tank Effect” where an app’s publicity and traffic temporarily spikes around launch, then dives after the media hype ends. The following list covers some of the essentials for keeping your app afloat during both pre and post-launch.


  • Research the competition. How does your app stand out amongst your competitors? What are your product’s most unique and greatest selling points? Make a list, narrow on what’s core and come up with 3 solid answers.
  • Know your audience. Define the demographic your app serves, and cater all marketing/development efforts to said group. Remember, your app cannot be all things to all people. It’s important to narrow and focus on a primary audience.
  • Talk about your app. It’s never to early to start building hype around your app. Seek out potential customers and engage your audience via social media. Ask for feedback and listen. The people you engage with early will most likely be your biggest advocates. Getting your app discovered and already having a customer base is just as important as finishing development. Think “sneak peak” and “coming soon!”



  • Think beyond revenue. Yes, the amount of money your app has made from paid user acquisition is an indicator of its success but that should not be your core strategy. Be humble and create believers. Strong retention rates and user engagement are crucial to the longevity of your app.
  • Customer service is key. Any product or service is only as good as the customer service it provides. Listen to user feedback, answer questions, and respond to requests. Paying attention to your users is perhaps the most important way to maintain a successful app.
  • Don’t be pushy. Once customers have purchased and downloaded your app, let them decide how much or how little they want to be involved. Provide options to turn off notifications. Annoying your audience with too many notifications and marketing jargon is the quickest way to get your app uninstalled. 
  • Thank your customers. Provide incentives to users, such as a bonus level to a game or an extra photo filter, when they engage with your app. Liking, tweeting and sharing are crucial for expanding the reach of your app, so give your users something in return for spreading the word.


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