Sep 17, 2015

Fhlora—Logo Design for a Cannabis Company

Fhlora—Logo Design for a Cannabis Company

Being that recreational marijuana has recently become legal in the state of Washington I get quite a few inquiries for logo design. The market is moving fast and there are a lot of great things happening in the way of brand. There is room for improvement though. I cringe when I see clichéd imagery that at times is hard to read and looks armature. At the moment we’re saturated with it.

Logo design for the cannabis market has so much more potential and the folks at Fhlora agree! I had a great time working with the team to flesh out a logo that speaks to their audience yet “breaks the mold”.

fhlora logo roughs

Fhlora is an online tool created for connecting cannabis wholesalers and retailers. The mark’s typography and angular shapes give it a tech-centric feel yet imparts a nod to the cannabis market with a simple leaf in varying shades of green.

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