Oct 01, 2015

Does the Internet Threaten Creativity or Nurture It?


Is it a distraction? Is it a source of inspiration? For me it’s both—it’s up to the user to filter how much they want to let it influence or distract. Published by the good folks at the Atlantic, this video explores the the question via an array of artists, designers, performer, etc. I love the quote from Lil Buck, a Choreographer who specializes in street/hip-hop inspired dance: “If you just constantly watching videos and watching videos, you gonna end up dancing like someone else…I don’t just watch every video and try to do the same move”. Buck, tries to find ways to be inspired and reinterpret from multiple sources.

For me that’s the magic of deriving inspiration from the web. There’s soooo much! You just nee to strike a balance by finding little nuggets and and making them your own.

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